The headless mule
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  • The day the Headless Mule
    came to visit the little town
    and everyone remained fearful in their small houses
    Yací went out and saw her. Then she told all of us about her.
    She was a mule with the head of a woman,
    with flowing hair,
    she could speak like the dead, shaking her hair
    as only a horse can do. But
    she continued turning her woman’s head
    on the body of a mule which could not be stopped
    Fury moved her hair.
    She was running desperately between the dead,
    in the middle of the night, neighing.
    When she rid herself of all her anger, and was tired,
    Yací came closer,
    gave her some water which she drank in big gulps.
    Almost crying, her hair ruffled
    was full of earth,
    branches had scratched her face deeply.
    Yací washed her face, and saw her eyes lit
    with a remote vision, inaccessible. She recomposed herself.

    I want my song between the sun and the stars,
    remembers every day that the wave is my form.

    How to recount Yací’s turbulence!
    In her eyes burned
    an insatiable desire. This woman with all fury
    shook her hair with a contained violence,
    then remained there
    worn-out lamenting in a kind of strange pleasure.
    Yací went closer. The moon’s light allowed her
    to see better the color of her eyes:
    was that of incandescent honey.
    This strange animal came nearer to her, licking
    her face with voluptuousness.
    This animal betwixt woman and horse placed on Yací’s breasts,
    two strange pointed breasts which almost wounded her and the thick
    hair the color of bronze enveloped her.
    The mouth extended over the whole body
    and Yací betwixt fear and attraction almost fainted,
    but was continually shaken
    by violent and light caresses. Suddenly,
    with a brusque movement of her hair
    she abandoned her. And for a long time Yací remains immobile,
    nude in the shrubs that surround her.
    A few leaves fall softly
    on her face, as though they wanted to feel
    that which she had felt.
    The trees that were near her did not move their branches,
    and yet a wind rose that played lightly
    on the leaves that remained rigid.
    The fear of the Headless Mule
    made the other living beings run away.

    Márcia Theóphilo – 1984
    English version by Hania Kochanski -2000