• Wind keeps
    devouring the night
    it’s there, real and changing
    and holds inside the music of the branches

    Wind arrives
    sounds explode
    leafing through its body
    it waves the branches
    the body of wind wraps and bends
    it lays the loved body down
    its leaves both abstract and concrete
    Sinuous falls of wind
    pour into the wood
    I’m dancing, are you?
    It’s reverberating, dancing, whistling and singing
    it’s among the trees
    born like a fruit
    born like a child
    its laughter has the rhythm
    of water on stone
    sweet at first, almost monotone
    then stronger, full of resonance
    Something vague
    smoke and similar flavours

    Márcia Theóphilo, 2000
    English version by Riccardo Duranti, 2001